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Posted 2 years ago

Full Stack Engineer – Manila, Philippines

We’re hiring Full Stack Engineers to come help build the future of Sari Sari stores in the Philippines. We are looking for experienced software engineers with excellent work-ethic, innovative thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills to evolve and build our technology platform.

GrowSari – Who We Are:

Growsari is helping to build the future of Sari Sari stores in the Philippines. Sari Sari stores are the largest retail channel and source of employment in the country, yet the average store owner barely makes her ends meet. We use technology to help them increase their earnings through four ways:

  • Get cheaper sourcing of products by connecting them directly to companies​ (getting them access to better pricing and free delivery to their stores)
  • Access new types of products to sell within their store​ (higher earning revenue streams such as bayad centers, e-commerce drop off points, wi-fi hotspots, store branding etc…)
  • Access to financial services ​(give them access to working capital, consignment and other types of financial services that could help them grow, but they are currently excluded from)
  • Help them monetize their data​ (get companies to pay for real-time access to sales data and the ability to act on it on a per-store level – think the next generation of Nielsen Answers)

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been focusing on building a great team consisting of former members of Unilever, P&G, Boston Consulting Group and Uber – from four different continents.

Now we are looking for the next wave of talent to join and push this vision further.

What you’ll do:

Your day to day responsibilities will include:

  1. You will be responsible to build, deploy, improve, maintain and iterate one or more subsystems that comprise our technology platform
    • GrowSari’s technology platform is fast growing both in scope and scale as the company builds out more offerings for its customers.
    • These are built by members of our engineering team, each of whom is responsible for one or more modules/sub-systems commensurate with their skill level and experience.
  2. You will be responsible for monitoring the health of your projects in production by
    • Building in and tracking appropriate metrics for monitoring
    • Regular refactoring and improvement of code base as needed
  3. You will work with product and other business teams to plan the future roadmap of your modules/subsystems and to spec out new products you are assigned to work on
  4. You will work with other engineers to design and continuously improve overall system architecture in line with changing organization needs

You Should Apply If You:

  • Have 2+ years of experience as a software engineer, either in a product company or in a services company
  • Are highly experienced with at least one, preferably more, back-end programming languages – PHP / Python / Java / Ruby / node.JS
  • Are experienced with one or more front-end web frameworks – AngularJS or React preferred but not essential
  • Have a Science/Technology/Engineering/Math bachelor’s degree, preferably Computer Science. You may still apply with success if you do not have one of these degrees but are an experienced Software Engineer.
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Are eager to learn new skills and continuously improve oneself
  • Are impact-driven and want to make a positive impact to the lives of Sari Sari store owners; ultimately playing a role in bridging the income inequality gap in the Philippines

Career Progression:

Growsari has been growing exponentially, adding customers as well as products. The engineering team has been growing at a high pace as well. In addition to personal growth as you learn to handle the demands of a highly scaled product and a fast changing tech landscape, with experience you will be in line for Senior Developer and Lead Engineer roles.

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