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Posted 8 months ago

Job Summary

  • Orchestrate CRM, callers, and field channels to tap priority segments for us to maximize our sales across acquisition, retention, and revival initiatives in FMCG, E-services and new businesses

Key Responsibilities

  • Insighting. The Growth Marketer will seek to understand her customer segment’s behaviors, motivations, barriers. They will look at data, whether it’s sales data, app analytics, or marketing channel data to observe patterns and spot opportunities where she can source growth from.
  • Strategy. The Growth Marketer will develop plans using insights to grow the business by coming up with test designs to prove that something will work and can be scalable for the business. As a planner, they will give input on Demand-Supply Forecasts to make sure that the promises they have for the segments will be met.
  • Operations. The Growth Marketer will see execution of the plans from end-to-end, briefing and working with different Channel owners, Product leads, Data specialists, or Marketing specialists to make sure that the plans are executed excellently, on time and in full. They will track the performance of these and measure them against expectations.
  • Coordination. The Growth Marketer will orchestrate the teams and act as cross-functional lead for the initiatives and report insights and recommendations to the bigger team and the management.

Key Metrics

  • Funnel Growth (Users, Conversion, GMV)

Knowledge, Skills And Experience Requirements

  • Generalists / T-Shaped. Have a mastery of the basics — Marketing Strategy, Business Management / Financials, Operations, Communication; and can specialize and go deep on one or two things concerning the customer funnel
  • Data-driven. Must be comfortable with data, understanding how data is captured, processed, and reported so as to be able to work with Data Analysts well and come up with useful insights and analyses.
  • Strategic and Creative. Able to derive solutions out of a mine of data and insights and able to prioritize which one is most impactful for the business


  • 1-3 years experience working in Brand/Product Management, Management Consulting, E-Commerce Marketing
  • Have a degree in Business, Management or related fields
  • Leadership skills proven by extracurriculars

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