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Posted 8 months ago

Job Summary

  • Growsari is hiring a product designer to help us build our design function and shape the future of Sari Sari stores in the Philippines. 

What is Growsari?

Sari Sari stores are the largest retail channel and source of employment in the country, yet the average store owner barely makes ends meet. This is a disconnect that we want to change.

Our teams help stores digitally procure goods for their stores at better prices and free delivery. We then use that same infrastructure to offer hundreds of new ways for stores to earn, such as upgrading them to bills payment and wallet top up points, e-commerce drop-offs, wi-fi hotspots and even ATMs for their communities.

Today now marks 5 years in operation. From doing the first deliveries in our own cars, we are now the market leaders in our space, and have assembled an amazing team of alumni from Uber, Boston Consulting Group, Unilever, P&G, Pay Maya, GCash… and even ex-sari sari store owners!

It’s been quite a journey and you can read more about our story in Tech in Asia, The Ken or watch this intro on Youtube

What is Our Design Challenge?

We solve problems for Sari Sari store owners, with the goal to make each peso in their pocket go further. 

What makes it interesting is that all store owners interact with us digitally, but for many of them it could be their first time using e-commerce, or even using a smartphone at all.

Running a store also has unique pressures. The order volumes, frequencies, and other service design aspects of the experience are very different from a typical e-commerce transaction. 

This adds up to unique design challenges that require interesting approaches to solve them and just replicating what the other big superapp, e-commerce or wallet players won’t cut it!

Who We Are Looking For?


  • Solving design challenges: You will need to work with different teams across the company on projects that solve the design challenges mentioned previously
  • You will help champion design thinking in the organization: You will help implement design thinking, systems, workshops and execution within the teams you work with


  • You are eager to learn: You should have some previous experience or projects across one or two of the following: Interaction design, information architecture, copywriting, visual design, service design, prototyping or user research (including quantitative research and analysis). Don’t worry about having to know all of them – as long you are willing to learn, we will help you learn the rest! 
  • You know how to work in a team: You will work closely with product, front end developers, and data teams, so any experiences of working within diverse groups is a plus
  • You want to empower the underserved: You believe in our mission of helping to empower our store owners, and are willing to put in the effort to understand their pain points and needs as users
  • Our current workflow: We are fans of Figma, Maze, Miro and a few other tools throughout the design process. However we are happy for you to suggest any other tools that you feel will do the best job and scale.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • A melting pot of different industries: There are not many other companies where you get a unique combination of fintech, e-commerce, and social impact
  • A diverse team: You will hear accents from all corners of the Philippines as well as the rest of Southeast Asia, Africa, India, and North America
  • A Philippines first approach: We build everything in house, from the ground up. No waiting on the regional prioritization and resourcing that you often experience in other big regional tech companies in the Philippines
  • Freedom on how you want to work: As long as you deliver results, we don’t care about your time in/out, what tools you want to use or where you want to work from
  • A buddy on your first day: To get you up to speed and introduced to the broader team

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